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Netflix Financing Shows

The New York Post is reporting that Netflix plans to finance more original content. The leader in online streaming video hopes to become a “fifth network.”

I think this is interesting, but what does it mean for news? Network news broadcasts are traditionally done live. They also spend a great deal of time and effort to get “live” shots from the field. If Netflix becomes the network it hopes too, it would almost have to offer some sort of news show. But would people be interested in watching news through a stream?

I believe the answer is yes. I also believe that since Netflix would not be beholden to “live” reporting, it would give them a distinct advantage over all the other networks. The money that traditional news organizations now spend on microwave trucks and camera crews could be invested instead into reporters. A Netflix News show could probably even afford foreign bureaus if it had enough funding.

One-man-band style reporting would be perfect for streaming news. Reporters could literally be anywhere on earth, rather cheaply. They could capture stunning visuals and really tell a story.

I believe Netflix “all you can eat” style subscription plan is a perfect model for success. If the company moves into new programming, including news, they could become a game-changer.

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