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What’s Trending?

Lost Remote says that CBSNews.com is debuting a new webcast called “What’s Trending.” The show aims to air a live weekly webcast that aims to provide more context to topics trending on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

I think the show is an interesting concept overall in its desire to pull the so-called “Facebook generation” into a show. Where I’m worried this show may fall flat is the length of its episodes. If “What’s Trending” is planning on doing a show that is longer than 3-5 minutes, I can tell you very quickly what won’t be trending.

The difficulty with engaging people online is the massive competition for users attention spans. The show is seeking to go more in-depth into topics that are popular online. But the nature of what’s popular online usually is directly proportional to its accessibility, which unfortunately, includes the length of the media itself. It’s going to be difficult for the show to accomplish its mission and maintain viewership at the same time.

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