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A New Take on Royal Wedding Coverage

The above video was shot by filmmaker David Francis in the streets during the recent royal wedding. David shot the video with an inexpensive DSLR camera. By utilizing some interesting techniques this video really transports the viewer to a specific moment in time.

The video is particulalrly interesting in the wake of the American news media spending millions to cover the royal wedding. This video truly provides a personal look at those on the street level, and cost next to nothing to produce.

Francis’ technique is particularly interesting. He shoots his subjects using a high frame rate. Then he slows it back down in the edit, producing a smooth, beautiful slow motion image. He then interviews his subjects and overlays their audio with the slow-motion video. Now this technique is a bit on the artsy side, but I don’t think anyone would doubt that it is engaging. It’s a way of telling the story that I believe is far more effective than what any of the broadcast networks did (on a story they probably should not have been spending so much of their budget on in the first place).

The difficult part about videos like this, is how easy they are to manipulate. Do we know for certain that the people talking are the people in the photos? Do we know that the shots weren’t set up?

There’s always some degree of subjectivity in news gathering, and always moreso when dealing with video. The number of creative choices involved in editing a package will always test the bounds of objectivity. DSLR’s allow for new creative to be utilized quickly and cheaply. As these techniques become more common, journalistic integrity will become more important than ever.

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