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CNN Using DSLR’s to Produce Cinematic Journalism

CNN recently used the Canon 7D, a video-capable DSLR, to capture its piece “Japan Society: A History of Support.” The piece itself has a truly cinematic tone to it, and I think this is an instance where DSLR’s really shine.

The cameras themselves were able to operate using only available lighting in the gallery. The exhibition has a peaceful nature which was captured tastefully with the artful nature of the images. The soft music in the background sets the mood for the piece. The narration is provided by the interviewee, the museums director.

It’s getting interesting to see more news organizations turning to DSLR’s. A piece like this would normally be shot for a news magazine show such as “60 Minutes” with a much larger crew.  However CNN was able to put this together with a crew consisting of only two people. Cubie King, one of the producers of the piece had this to say:

“Dan Chung’s statement that “cinematic techniques [allow] people [to] connect to and care about news” is quite apt.  Indeed, one could argue that the rapid ascendancy, commercialization, and general audience acceptance of feature-length (and short) documentaries over the past decade – combined with easier, more economical, access to professional grade equipment and software – calls for a reevaluation of how certain news is gathered and presented.  And the new pixel-rich platforms of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and colossal HD screens complement a “cinematic” approach more than their predecessors ever did. ”

As these cameras continue to permeate through news organizations, it will be fascinating to see which techniques become accepted for news gathering.

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