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Wait. . . Are you Trying to say Fox News Executives are Unethical?

In news that was shocking to no one, The New York Times reports that Fox News chief Roger Ailes encouraged Judith Regan to lie to federal investigators vetting former NYPD top-cop Bernard Kerik for the post of Homeland Security Secretary. But how can they prove that the one-time Nixon adviser actually encouraged someone to lie to federal investigators?

Oh, there’s a tape of course. Yes, in a lesson he clearly took from his days in the Nixon White House, Mr. Ailes encouraged someone to commit perjury in a situation where he could be easily taped. Bravo Mr. Ailes, bravo!

But what does this mean for Fox “News”? Well, if you’re as skeptical as I am about the cable channel, it becomes rather clear that Mr. Ailes does not place a very high value on the truth. If Mr. Ailes was willing to tell a former Harper-Collins publisher to lie to federal prosecutors, would he think twice before telling a reporter or an anchor to lie to the general public?

What Mr. Ailes has done here shows a glaring lack of ethics. More importantly, it shows a complete disregard for the security of our country which the many pundits and reporters on Fox News claim to hold so dear. If he was willing to encourage someone to lie so that an unqualified candidate could earn a post that is directly responsible for guarding our country from terrorist attacks, what exactly is his end-game? 

It is my belief that Mr. Ailes, like many on the far-right are concerned with themselves and only themselves. They have no allegiance to their country or to their fellow Americans. This incident is a display of unethical behavior completely unbecoming of the manager of any network. The head of MTV should probably get fired for a scandal like this, let alone a news network. But people like Mr. Ailes and Rupert Murdoch apparently play by a different set of rules than the rest of the world.

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