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Parker Spitzer is now Spitzer and Friends

The New York Times reports that starting Monday, February 28th, CNN’s primetime talk-fest “Parker Spitzer” is being renamed “The Arena”. Kathleen Parker, the show’s co-host for its four-month run, will no longer be on the program.

The change comes after months of declining ratings,  backstage clashes and a strong sense that Mr. Spitzer was overpowering Ms. Parker on the show. The new show will feature Mr. Spitzer with a rotating series of guests as they debate hot political topics.

Once again, a major cable network is turning its head on traditional news broadcasting. “Parker Spitzer” is  a show that never should have aired. Spitzer has proven himself in the public arena to be a hypocrite on one of the largest stages. As Attorney General and Governor of New York State, Spitzer seemed to be the last great hope for the empire state. His record of being tough on crime and corruption harked back to the glory days of New York, when men such as Al Smith and Fiorella Laguardia took it upon themselves to clean up New York.

But all that ended when he was caught up in a prostitution scandal. Instead of Eliot Spitzer cleaning up Wall Street, we got to watch David Patterson blindly fumble his way through a major recession (pun intended). So why would CNN put such a man on TV?

The simple answer is that they thought it would bring in ratings. But in doing so, they forgot just about every law of TV. Spitzer does not have the personality, the look or the resume to sustain a television broadcast. Spitzer might be a fine guest or a commentator on someone else’s show, but he is certainly not ready for prime-time.

As CNN moves its content away from news into the opinion land of networks like Fox News and MSNBC, they brought in Spitzer to try to give an informed opinion. Spitzer is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a polarizing pundit like Glen Beck or Rachel Maddow. But by hiring someone like Spitzer, CNN forgot why people watch opinion programming in the first place.

The reason why Glen Beck and Rachel Maddow are so popular is because people go to them to learn what they already know. People watching Spitzer’s show in any of its incarnations are seeing a balanced opinion on a variety of issues, and that’s more than the cable “news” audience can handle.

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